Celebrating Our 64th Merdeka Day
In honour of Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day this August andto remember the many sacrifices made by our ancestors for us to live in independence,we invite you to share your gratitude to your dearestwhenever you canin this freedom we have,with a selection of magnificent jewelry collections from Goldheart.

Unity of Two Hearts
Malay weddings are famous for their various customs that were derived from other cultures and their tremendous festivities. Before the grand reception ceremony, they need to..

Online Shopping Mega Sale
Feeling down because you couldn’t go out and buy something to reward yourself and your loved ones during this lockdown period? No worries because we’ve got your back on this!

Blissful June Weddings
The peak season of marriage, June has been the month with the most weddings occurred throughout the years, all around the world. June weddings could be traced even back in the ancient times, especially in Western countriesdue to the belief that getting married in the month named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno, will make their marriage more blessed.

Nina Ricci
GOLDHEART is here to present you the Nina Ricci wedding rings, the ideal choice for conveying love and affection between couples. True love endures forever, even if the lovers are separated far apart from each other. Having each other in heart, pursue a bright future of love hand in hand.

A Gift of Love
A Gift of Love
There is no love greater than a mother’s love, the way she endures, nurtures and gives her all to her family. Celebrate, appreciate and honor her heart of gold with only the finest from gold heart.

Diamond Care
Tips of Diamond Care
The brilliance of diamonds creates its beauty, and diamonds’ beauty is definitely worthy for your tenderness and care. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet, yet this does not mean that they will not be scratched and damaged. Thus, diamond care and maintenance are essential to keep your diamond jewellery brilliance and sparkle.

Empowering Women
In conjunction with the celebration of International Women’s day in March, Goldheart introduces its renowned collection –Promesse.
We stand tall with women and girls, today and always and forever

Together Forever & Ever
Romantic blossoms in Valentine’s day. Celebrate love with Goldheart beautiful pieces.
With “Together Forever & Ever” theme, Goldheart is presenting 8 collections specially for this Valentines.
From signature Romantic Blue wedding bands, to d’Amour adorable necklace, it is the perfect gift for your someone special.

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