2V0002051 | 2V0002205
2V0002071 | 2V0002317
2V0000540 | 2V0000598
2V0000806 | 2V0000873
2V0001106 | 2V0001384
2V0001597 | 2V0001652
2V0001739 | 2V0001359
2V0002261 | 2V0002233
2V0002303 | 2V0002270
2V0002325 | 2V0002162
D60058600 | D60056790 | D60057612 | D60057972


True to its name “Espoir”, a French word, it brings hope, prospect and trust among individuals. Made with a combination of white gold and palladium, Espoir is lasting, harder and resists fading.

It carries the similar quality as platinum-made jewelries, if not better.

Made exclusively for Goldheart Malaysia.

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