The Good Luck Charms

Lunar New Year is all about sending blessings – Abundance, Prosperity and Auspicious.

Step into the Year of The Rat, GOLDHEART celebrates 2020 Lunar New Year with Eternal Romance & Eternity Knot.

Reminiscing the grace of Chinese culture, these collections’ charms are originally designed in authentic oriental style. The signatures of these jewelleries are Chinese auspicious symbols: coins, 6 pointed stars, knots (‘Yu Jie’) which are believed to symbolise Longevity, Prosperity & Good Luck.

Eternal Romance
Good Fortune 财运亨通


Eternal Romance
Concentric Love 永结同心


Eternity Knot
Nuptial Bliss 喜结良缘


Eternity Knot
Spiritual Love 心星相连


Eternal Romance collection is carved with pure precious white gold and paired with surprise diamonds; Eternity Knot is made of 9k white gold and palladium.

Wear the blessings. 2020 Lunar New Year gifts which exclusively made by GOLDHEART, straight to the heart of wearer. Your sincerest blessings now can be captured and kept forever & ever.

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